22 Aprile 2024

FH Hydraulic Through-Feed Fleshing Machine

Hydraulic Through-Feed Fleshing Machine model FH 4.0,

working width 3200-3400 mm. suitable to process lime and

green hides, complete with:

- Hides fleshing system automatic or manual;

- Electrical device, hot gypsed work platform complete with auger and slide for fleshing residual;

- Hides extraction speed until 75 mt./m.

- Separate closing of the fleshing benches to speed up the processing phases of the hide;

- Identical and inter-exchangeable blade rollers of big dimensions for a higher life and a better fleshing on the big hides;

- Fleshing benches fully hydraulic that adjust to various thicknesses of the hide;

- Transport rollers transmissions fully hydraulic and direct without chains or joints


- Hot gypsed platform for maintenance of the fleshing machine

- Set of supports of 1200 mm. to position the machine above,

hot galvanized inspection gates with safety limit swithces

- Pump to expel the fleshing residula from the machine to the

collecting bin

- Hide mobilator to bring the hides from a collecting bin towards the two operators on the working platform

- Connection of the control board of the machine to customer’s network for communication line (Industry 4.0);

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it


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