18 Giugno 2021

News: RAL/PN Performance

Model: RAL/PN Performance 2400-2700-3000-3200-3400
Skin Category: Crusts, Half Calf, Vegetable, Whole Bovine
Machine Type: Combined Sammying & Setting

An innovative sammying and setting out process was the driving factor that led to the development of the RAL/PN PERFORMANCE, an extremely reliable and profitable tanning machine.
The new machine has been designed to process half and whole cowhides, split leather and vegetable-tanned leather hides. This new-generation machine is quite compact and user-friendly, which means a higher output, while its superior quality keeps maintenace and running costs as low as possible.
The machine is equipped with:
- A new design of the rolls, for a better spreading and processing of the full-grain layer of the hide;
- Blade roll with larger diameter and pitch;
- Two hydraulic circuits with independent pumps, one for extra pressure and one for drying;
- Hydraulically-adjusted feeding rate, up to 35 meters/minutes;
- Inverter to change the rotary speed of the blade roll;
- Hydraulic regulators for a slow closing of the felt-holding and blade rolls;
- Felt-holding and rubber rolls rotated by two independent hydraulic motor reducers;
- A dial with digital display shows the distance between the blade roll and the supporting roll;
- Hide.feeding rate display;
- Hydraulic drying pressure up to 25 tons;
- Hydraulically-adjusted pressure system between the blade roll and the rubber roll for constant grip with thicker or thinner hides;
- Stretching roll driven by an independet hydraulic motor reducer, with adjustable speed, rotating in the opposite direction to the out-feed of the hide;
- Work settings shown on a touch-screen;
- Automatic greasing system wuth programmable timer;
- Automatic device to open and revert the hide supporting the roll.

In addition, the machine includes all the safety devices that make it fully meet the applicable legal requirements (CE certificate).

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